9 Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression

Depression is a very serious issue, and constantly talking about it in hush-hush tones would definitely not help better the condition. The taboo surrounding it should be removed and it must become easier for people to find a safe space. The complexities of living with mental illness are pretty much known. It is a completely soul-draining situation where you are always mentally and physically exhausted. They start cutting off people, staying in more, limiting contact, and all in all, secluding themselves.

Movies are a very powerful tool that offers a change of heart or opinions and also influence people’s perceptions. If you are fighting your own negative thoughts and demons, and need a safe space to not feel the pain for a bit, the easiest thing to do is climb into bed and watch a good movie.

If you know of someone who is going through something like that and cannot have them open up or help them directly, watch these movies with them and comfort them. Not only do these movies serve as a good distraction but also misplace the emotional and physical pain for a bit and limit negativity for a while. Here, we have a list of varying kinds of movies and in accordance with if you want to laugh your heart out or sob into your pillow and let out the tears, you just have to select.

1. Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression: The Sound of Music

the sound of music

The movie would give you goosebumps and you would be moved by the theme of hope and love. It is an all time hit and of the greatest pictures to ever be made. It is known to restore people’s faith in humanity with this infectious wit and form and spirituality and love and heartbreak. The music is in the truest of senses uplifting.

“I go to the hills when my heart is lonely. I know I will hear what I have heard before. My heart will be blessed with the sound of music. And I will sing once more.”-this truly fills you with emotions.

2. Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression: Inside Out

Inside Out

The story of little Riley being guided by her emotions will teach you how to find joy in everything. Not only is it a very fun movie but deeply enriching and nuanced. It teaches you so much about emotions in such a unique manner. You would probably find yourself crying on various occasions like Bing Bong’s goodbye but you would end it with a lighter heart and much happiness.

“Who is your friend who likes to play? His rocket makes you yell “hooray!” Who is the best in every way? And wants to sing this song to say- Bing Bong, Bing Bong.”- this is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling and heartwarming parts of the movie.

3. Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression: Airplane


This is not your typical inspiration flick but would undoubtedly give you a lot of laughs and that is the best way to treat a depressed person. The stupidity that the one-liners entail here makes it hysterical. The story revolves around a former fighter in WWII, who is afraid of flying and has to overcome the fear when the pilot falls sick and takes control of the plane. It in the truest of senses, teaches you how to control your monsters and get done with them.

4. Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression: It’s A Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life

The story revolves around truly appreciating your life and what you have been given. It is about a man who always wished to travel but kept disposing himself to the likes of others. It shows you what really matters in life and how vain the idea of suicide is. He contemplates suicide but when he realises what life would without him aorund, he took a step back.

5. Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression: La La Land

La La Land

The musical has been widely appreciated and applauded and teaches you the importance of the opportunities that life throws at you. It teaches you heartbreak and that there is always a bigger plan and that one heartbreak or a series of breakdowns are not the end of the world and we should always focus on the brighter tomorrow and work to live the next day.

“It is love. Yes, all we are looking for is love from someone else.”- this would absolutely overwhelm you.

6. Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression: Cake


This revolves around a woman who suffers from chronic pain or disability or illness and eventually develops depression. She struggles with depression after she loses her son in a car accident which leaves her with chronic pain. She always complains about life because she is grieving over the loss of her son and the feeling of hopelessness about her recovery drives her to do just that.

7. Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression: Interiors


It unravels how depression is not limited as a pain to only the person who is suffering from it and can be an emotional burden for the people around too. When people take care of someone suffering from depression, they often build a sense of resentment against the ailing which causes them to leave them just to cope with their own frustration. In this movie, you see how depression creates a vicious cycle of feelings of resentment in a family.

8. Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression: Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

The dark comedy sees how depression becomes a family affair. Leaving out two of the members of the family, everyone else suffers from depression in some form of the other. The mental health of the ones suffering pulls down and burdens the ones who do not suffer from depression which causes them to lash out at each other and exacerbates their depression. One of the members comprehends the situation and serves as a ray of hope for the family and helps them get better. This would leave you with a lot of hope for yourself.

9. Movies That Will Help You Overcome Depression: It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

Depression does not necessarily come from toxic environments of trauma, grief, violence and such, but it is simply an illness or a manner of perceiving the world. Even if you lead life that is relatively easy, you might form a series of irrational and negative beliefs that put you in depression and feed suicidal thoughts. It is the story of a young boy, performing well in his life, and still suffers from depression because he thinks any failure would run him down the line and once he identifies it, he puts himself in a mental hospital.